Leonardo to participate in the FIDAE 2022 exhibition

Leonardo will participate in the FIDAE exhibition in South America, which takes place in Santiago, Chile from 5 to 10 April.

The company will display technologies and solutions developed to meet the needs of governments, institutions, armed forces and civil operators in the aeronautic, electronics, helicopter and space sectors.

The company stated the following about its participation in the FIDAE 2022 exhibition:

In the fixed-wing field, Leonardo is presenting the Fighter Attack version of the M-346 and the M-345 Dual Role, which, in addition to being ideal and technologically advanced solutions for training future pilots, also perform a wide range of missions at a lower cost than frontline fighters.

In particular, the new operational version of the M-346FA aircraft, already delivered to the first international customer, has all the characteristics of the trainer variant and, through integration of latest generation equipment and sensors, also becomes an effective light attack aircraft. FIDAE will also showcase the C-27J Spartan multi-role transport aircraft, already selected by the Peruvian and Mexican Air Forces and used to support those countries’ citizens.

Leonardo underlines its role as a leader in the helicopter sector with a complete range of platforms deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide to meet the most complex military and civil requirements. The AW119T helicopter (VFR and IFR) trainer is the only single-engine helicopter in the world fully certified to operate according to instrument flight rules, while the AW139Mmulti-role helicopter is capable of carrying out a wide variety of security and defence missions.

In addition to fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, Leonardo will also be at FIDAE with its uncrewed solutions. These include the Falco EVO, which can conduct a wide spectrum of missions on land and at sea, thanks to its innovative sensors and complete solutions for intelligence and surveillance, alongside flexible mission systems. The modular avionics system ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) is able to manage a wide spectrum of sensors on an aircraft, combining in real-time the information received about the complete tactical situation, enhancing situational awareness to accelerate and optimise decision-making.

Among key technologies in the field of defence electronics, developed to provide high levels of security in complex environments, Leonardo is presenting the Long Range RAT-31 DL / M digital radar with AESA antenna – an effective mobile system that can detect fast-moving targets, such as ballistic missiles.

In the Electronic Warfare segment, the Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system SAGE is a device that analyses the electromagnetic spectrum across the land, sea and air domains to map the sources of active emissions. It uses highly accurate Direction Finding (DF) antennas to identify the positions of targets.

Meanwhile, among the latest generation of protection for defence, transport and special mission aircraft, the BriteCloud countermeasure has been conceived by Leonardo to provide state-of-the-art protection against radar-guided missiles. Also being highlighted at the event are the company's solutions for air traffic control, designed to meet the most stringent international standards. More than 200 airports in 110 worldwide are equipped with Leonardo's radar, control centres, and ATC technologies.

Technologies focused on multi-domain interoperability, specifically in the Cyber & Security field, will also be presented – an area where Leonardo is established as one of the major global players for the supply of complete and integrated solutions. Thanks to its range of products and solutions for physical and cybernetic security, Leonardo's technologies cover a wide spectrum of activities, from cyber security through to services for the secure digitalisation of processes, infrastructure, and applications. The technologies also span professional communications, advanced command and control centres, all the way up to technologies for the development of smart and sustainable cities.

Leonardo's commitment is to design the future using integrated platforms, such as X-2030, to ensure safety, protection, and efficient decision-making by fusing data from various sources and sensors to monitor areas of interest, such as archaeological sites or critical areas. Alongside these technologies, Leonardo has developed solutions for the education and training of cyber security operators in the defence and civil sectors so that they are fully equipped to respond to new cyber threats.

In Latin America, the Telespazio joint venture (67% Leonardo, 33% Thales), offers satellite services in the fields of telecommunications, geoinformation and navigation, strengthened by the presence of space centres across the geography.


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