Made in UAE... learn more about ADSB’s 170 M-DETECTOR

Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB), a part of EDGE Group, introduces a 17m long boat dubbed “170 M-Detector” capable of detecting both mines and submarines.

In an interview with, Nafa Salem AlAli, a Sales Specialist at ADSB, said that the 17m long boat is an unmanned surface vessel capable of detecting mines and submarines using two sonars.

The 170 M-Detector can be operated booth manned or unmanned and it was first introduced at NAVDEX which was held in Abu Dhabi between 20 – 24 February 2023, where it performed a live capability demonstration at sea, performing maneuvers, deploying a sonar by iXblue/Exail and launching an autonomous underwater vehicle by L3Harris.

According to AlAli the boat has a top speed of about 45 knots, and a cruising speed of about 5 knots when cruising for mine detection.

He also added that the boat is equipped with a 12.7mm gun installed in the front allowing it to perform surface warfare.

The 17m surface vessel is also equipped with a sea scanner consisting of a 360-degree camera, a radar, AIS tracking system and a weather station improving its situational awareness and survivability rate.

According to AlAli the boat has a payload capacity of up to 1000, meaning it can carry different types of payloads and systems, while also being able of carrying out transport missions.

Finally, he explained that the 170 M-Detector is modular in design allowing the integration of different payloads and systems to it and making it fully customizable according to customer requirements.

ADSB is currently displaying its products and capabilities at DEFEA 2023 held in Greece and will soon be displaying them at LIMA 2023 to be held in Langkawi, Malaysia between 23-27 May 2023.

Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB)

ADSB is an Emirati company and a part of EDGE group. The company specializes in the building, maintenance, repair, refitting, and conversion of naval and commercial vessels.

ADSB has the capabilities and know-how to booth construct and service highly complex vessels for navy involved in littoral warfare defense operations, patrol tasks and even exclusive economic zone protection missions.

Made in UAE... learn more about ADSB’s 170 M-DETECTOR

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