Meteksan Defence’s Damage Control Simulator enters Indonesian Navy’s inventory

Meteksan Defence’s new-generation Damage Control Simulator (DCSIM) has most recently entered the inventory of Indonesian Navy.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Jakarta, Talip Küçükcan, announced the related development on his social media account.

“Turkish defense industry products that strengthen bilateral relations are in a friendly country. The “Damage Control Simulator” manufactured by @MeteksanSavunma for the Indonesian Navy entered the inventory and started to be used.”

“I congratulate our national industrial company,” he added.

Meteksan Defence announced that Indonesia becomes the 5th country to use this product with the export of the Damage Control Simulator in March 2023.

DCSIM provides a realistic training environment to develop and conduct damage control exercises to shipboard personnel and also damage control readiness in the internationally recognized commercial and naval standards.

DCSIM can be used to train the personnel with a duty in the sailing units as individuals and teams in the issues related to injury protection; to increase their affinity; to develop and strengthen their skills and experiences; to try damage repair intervention methods in various situations and to try and test the damage control materials to be supplied to the Naval Forces Command.

The simulator provides instructors with the means to train naval personnel in the control, fighting and repair of real shipboard damages.

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