MKEK 25mm anti-aircraft gun completes the firing tests

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK), affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense, which focuses on the production of modern weapons and ammunition in parallel with carrying out R&D project, has come to an end in the production of a new weapon system.

The 25-millimeter anti-aircraft gun, produced entirely through domestic and national facilities, can fire single, triple, ten and serial shots. The weapon, either has a low or high firing mode. It also has a low jamming rate thanks to its rotating mechanism.

The weapon can be used on armored vehicles and remotely controlled weapon towers, it is also able to serve as a main gun day and night, in all weather conditions and on battlefields.

MKEK successfully completed the firing tests of the 25 mm weapon system, which is capable of effectively shooting many different targets, at Çankırı Weapon Factory.

MKEK tarafından üretilen 25mm uçaksavar topu, atışlı testleri başarıyla tamamladı


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