Naval Group-led consortium to enhance Europe’s mine countermeasures

The European Commission has chosen the consortium headed by Naval Group Belgium, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naval Group, for the European Extended Mine Countermeasures (E=MCM) initiative.

As part of the European Defence Fund (EDF), Naval Group Belgium will take charge of the E=MCM project for a duration of three years.

Building on the achievements of the MIRICLE project, which concluded successfully by the end of 2023, a consortium of 21 European partners will collaborate to achieve a future European sovereign capacity in mine warfare.

Drawing from the accomplishments of the MIRICLE project, which sought to establish advanced mine-counter measures (MCM) platforms and toolbox technologies for more effective MCM operations, the E=MCM project is geared towards bridging development disparities for the capabilities of the next-generation toolbox (toolbox 2.0).

The objective is to enhance MCM operations by delivering improvements in efficiency, speed, safety, and resilience. The project aims to conceptualize, prototype, and demonstrate a unified system-of-systems architecture featuring scalable unmanned autonomous toolboxes, alongside intelligent platforms and decision-support tools tailored for MCM. Its focus is on addressing the threats posed by drifting, tethered, and buried mines.

The consortium of E=MCM project is composed of 21 beneficiaries from 11 European nations, namely Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Latvia, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany.


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