Naval Group presents its advances in cybersecurity at the International Cybersecurity Forum 2022

On the occasion of its sixth participation in the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) on June 7, 8 and 9, 2022 at the Grand Palais in Lille, Naval Group will present its latest innovations in the cyber field and its recruitment ambitions.

Meet the company on stand F35 to learn more about its cyber defense offer as well as job offers.

Cybersecurity is now a leading field of struggle with a constant increase in the number of cybernetic operations conducted in theaters of operations and on the various players in the defense ecosystem. Today, it is no longer just a question of managing cyber risks, but of anticipating them and above all of demonstrating robust and appropriate performance in this area to ensure the success of the digitization of systems and spaces.

Marine operational superiority depends on it. This robust and reliable protection, adjusted to the cyber needs of each customer and the type of mission of the boats, offers modularity throughout their life cycle. Naval Group's cyber defense offer is the result of constant innovation, reconciling the imperative need for ship protection with the imperatives of operational continuity and crew safety at sea.

Cybersecurity: a strategic priority for Naval Group, partner of navies throughout the entire life cycle of ships

In order to ensure the resilience of its ships and its infrastructures in the face of these cyber challenges, Naval Group has made cybersecurity a strategic issue in its development and its products.

Naval Group integrates safety aspects at all stages of the ship's life cycle. From their design, Naval Group combat ships and their digital systems are designed and protected natively (cyber by design). Cybersecurity is also integrated into the development, production and operational maintenance phases of ships. This begins with supporting the supply chain to strengthen the consideration of the cyber threat.

Naval Group brings in its wake a large number of suppliers and subcontractors in the naval and maritime sector. Guarantor of the economic dynamism of this sector and its growth, the group is also concerned about the maturity and the increase in skills of its players in terms of cybersecurity, for the benefit of the entire maritime ecosystem.

Naval Group's cyber offer: a resilient and proven offer at sea

Laid down in December 2021, the first of five defense and intervention frigates (FDI) that will contribute to the French Navy's leading fleet opens the era of resilient and cyber-secure ships natively (cyber-by-design), thanks to its capabilities to combat asymmetric threats and its cyber protection system (CyMS) integrated from the design stage and at each stage of its life cycle.

Operational heart of the cyber strategy of armed ships, the Cyber ​​Management System (CyMS) detects possible attacks in real time by the simultaneous analysis and control of the digital exchanges of the ship's systems. In the event of an anomaly, the CyMS offers reaction scenarios to the operators who, thanks to simple and intuitive interfaces, have immediate access to the data necessary to adapt the reaction to the context and thus make the best choice. Upgradable, the CyMS is updated throughout the vessel's life cycle and constantly enriched with improvements developed in partnership with the French Navy, in order to better meet the needs and operational constraints of users.

In addition, faced with the intensification of cyber challenges in naval defence, Naval Group showcased its Cyber ​​Lab in Brussels in April 2022. This center of excellence is dedicated to the development of cybersecurity technologies for naval application, in particular for ship and drone systems as well as for onshore infrastructures. The Cyber ​​Lab is specialized in the implementation of cybersecurity measures developed for the benefit of the Belgian-Dutch mine action program rMCM but also a key promoter of the development of technologies and solutions in the naval and maritime sectors in Europe.

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