Turkish Armed Forces receive 70th ATAK helicopter

Turkish Aerospace continues to deliver T129 ATAK PHASE-II Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter to the Turkish Armed Forces.

Presidency of Defence Industries head İsmail Demir, in a post on his Twitter account, said, "The critical period the world is going through has once again shown us the importance of a fully independent defense industry.

With this awareness, we continue our work and increase the domestic platforms in the inventory of our security forces.

Finally, we delivered the T129 ATAK Helicopter to the Gendarmerie General Command."

With this delivery, the total number of ATAKs in the inventory of the Gendarmerie General Command increased to 11.

The number of ATAK helicopters delivered by Turkish Aerospace to the Gendarmerie General Command, the Land Forces Command and the General Directorate of Security so far has increased to 70.

Land Forces Command: 56 units (5 of which are PHASE-II)
Gendarmerie General Command: 11 units (5 of which are PHASE-II)
General Directorate of Security: 3 units (All PHASE-II)
The first delivery of the attack helicopter in the PHASE-II version, equipped with a laser warning receiver and other electronic warfare systems, with an increasing domestic parts rate, was made to the General Directorate of Security and the Land Forces Command on 17 February 2021. ATAK PHASE-II made its maiden flight on 13 November 2019.

Number of ATAK helicopters delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces reach 70

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