Number of ATAK helicopters delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command reaches 58

Deliveries of the T129 ATAK Phase-II Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter produced by Turkish Aerospace continue.

Another T129 ATAK Phase-II was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command. Thus, the number of ATAKs delivered to the Land Forces reached 58.

51 of the ATAK helicopters in the inventory are in Phase-I configuration and 7 are in Phase-II configuration.

The last delivered helicopter was equipped with an Electronic Warfare Pod, 6-sensor Missile Warning System and a domestic IFF Mod-5 Friend/Foe Identification System.

The first delivery of the attack helicopter in the Phase-2 version, equipped with a laser warning receiver and other electronic warfare systems, with an increased domesticity rate, was made to the General Directorate of Security and the Land Forces Command on February 17, 2021. ATAK Phase-II made its first flight on 13 November 2019.

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