Paramount Group Mbombe 4 secures orders from 5 countries

Paramount Group, a global aerospace and technology company, announced that its Mbombe 4 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), has been selected by five sovereign nations to equip their armed forces.

In less than three years, from its debut at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) of 2019 in Abu Dhabi, the Mbombe 4 has generated significant levels of interest from armed forces demanding next-generation survivability, mobility and toughness.

The ‘Ultimate Warrior’ Mbombe 4 is presently in production in Africa and Asia, with more than 150 vehicles either being manufactured or on order for global delivery or deployment.

The Mbombe 4 ‘S’, a special regional variant, is equipped with the latest mission-critical technologies for optimal desert performance, enabling the vehicle to excel in punitive desert climates and conditions.

In 2021, Paramount Group announced its partnership with India-based engineering and technology conglomerate, The Kalyani Group. This has resulted in the production of large numbers of Kalyani 4 (modified version of Mbombe 4) in India, followed by an order by the Ministry of Defence of India.

In assessing the resiliency of manufacturing and defense supply chains globally, when conventional mass production is highly susceptible to external shocks, Paramount Group CEO Steve Griessel, suggests that the portable production of interoperable platforms such as the Mbombe 4 can play a key role in creating defence industrial bases from entirely within partner countries.

“The Mbombe 4 and its evolutionary capabilities reflect world-beating innovation, affordability and importantly, homegrown production opportunity, which has enabled our manufacturing expertise to be replicated on a global scale. Having implemented our local production model in several locations around the world, we are in a unique position to offer industry partners and governments the capability to set up local manufacturing facilities, transfer skills and technologies, and start production of vehicles in less than a year. The Mbombe 4, like all our other technology platforms, has been designed from the outset for production within customer countries. This is a key requirement from governments looking to strengthen their indigenous defence industrial capabilities.”

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