Reximex’s semi-automatic pistol on sale at MKE

Turkish central province of Konya-based Reximex's semi-automatic pistol TRX9 is now available for purchase on MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation)’s website.

Manufactured by Reximex in state-of-the-art domestic facilities, the TRX9 offers a black model priced at TL 9,500 ($288.6) at MKE's weapon sales points.

Alternatively, models in various color options are available for TL 10,000.

To purchase the pistol, click here: Reximex TRX9


Designed with superior features to appeal to users, this pistol is making waves in the industry.

The TRX9 is uniquely suited for ambidextrous use, featuring a slide release latch and a reversible magazine release latch that cater to left-handed shooters, ensuring ease of operation.

This semi-automatic pistol, easily assembled and disassembled, is crafted in 9x19 mm caliber with a 113 mm barrel length.

It comes equipped with 2 metal magazines, each capable of holding 15 rounds. Weighing 696 grams without a magazine, the TRX9 prioritizes user safety with features like a needle cocked indicator, trigger safety, and cartridge chamber full indicator.

Additionally, it accommodates the mounting of a Red-dot sight on its slide cover, demonstrating its thoughtful design for the end user.


Reximex, based in Konya Beyşehir Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), commenced operations in 2015.

With a commitment to entirely domestic capital, the company has established itself as a key player in the firearms industry, exporting its products to over 80 countries.

Operating out of a 12,000 square meter facility, Reximex specializes in a diverse range of firearms including Air Target Rifles, Smoothbore Shotguns (Super Poze - Y. Auto and Pump), Rifled Barrel Pistols, and Rifled Bolt Action Rifles of various calibers. The company boasts a workforce of over 100 employees and maintains a youthful, dynamic organizational structure that fosters continuous development.

Driven by its ambition to be recognized as the world's premier firearms manufacturer, Reximex advances steadily towards its goal with each passing day.

Reximex’s semi-automatic pistol on sale at MKE


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