Rheinmetall, Anduril ink MoU to develop ‘the most innovative’ military C-sUAS

Rheinmetall, headquartered in Germany’s Düsseldorf, and Anduril Industries from the U.S., has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Eurosatory in Paris, a prominent trade show for defense and security, the German company said in a press release Wednesday.

Their partnership aims to jointly create advanced Counter small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) air defense systems, focusing initially on the European market.

This collaboration involves the design, development, and production of these systems.

The C-sUAS systems will integrate Rheinmetall's Skymaster command and control system and high-power guns with Anduril's Sentry Tower, Wisp sensors, and Anvil autonomous interceptor. This partnership leverages open, modular, and scalable hardware components to create a comprehensive and innovative solution.

By combining their respective strengths, Rheinmetall and Anduril aim to deliver an unparalleled layered C-sUAS solution. The MoU seeks to synergize the complementary expertise of these two prominent companies in the field.

Oliver Dürr, CEO of Rheinmetall Air Defence AG said this cooperation will showcase “the most innovative C-sUAS system – combining the strength of Rheinmetall military capabilities and the edge cutting development speed of Anduril.”

“I am absolutely confident that this combination will address the future needs of our clients and that we shall bring the right solution at the right time on the market,” he was quoted as saying by the press release.

Greg Kausner, Anduril’s SVP of Global Defence, for his part, said: “The pace of warfare is accelerating at the speed of technology development. Global defense forces must face a rapidly evolving set of threats from both emerging unmanned systems and legacy manned platforms,” noting that air defense systems require a layered approach that is flexible, adaptable and rapidly deployable.

“Anduril’s partnership with Rheinmetall will bring an innovative, software-defined and hardware enabled C-sUAS system to our customers to ensure they stay one step ahead of the drone threat,” Kausner said.

For over a century, Rheinmetall has been a leader in delivering powerful air defense guns and systems worldwide, renowned for their superior firepower.

Anduril, a global defense technology firm, has developed a range of cost-effective autonomous weapon systems driven by its AI-powered, interoperable Lattice software platform.

Through this collaboration, both companies aim to strategically develop and implement a comprehensive approach that integrates a wide array of sensors and effectors. This includes various hard-kill and non-lethal effectors, guided missiles, and advanced active and passive detection sensors. Such a system promises significantly enhanced survivability and introduces new strategic and operational advantages.

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