Saab launches Giraffe 1X Deployment Set

The new configuration is designed to be easily transported, swiftly re-located and quickly operational: all features highly desirable on a modern battlefield or where air threats from any direction pose a real risk to a fixed installation.

Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is an easily deployable, compact and robust, software-based, lightweight 3D AESA radar. Its small footprint and large search volume (75 km) make it excellent for urgent operations with limited possibilities. Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is a versatile solution for both mobile and fixed installations.

“Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is a highly deployable capability made for delivering an instant air picture after deployment. We are constantly pushing the time limits to give operational forces time to act,” says Carl-Johan Bergholm, head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

Giraffe 1X provides commanders with quality air defence target data, drone detection for counter-UAS, and sense and warn capability for rockets, as well as artillery and mortar. Giraffe 1X offers continuous software upgrades in order to meet emerging threats.

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