Saudi Arabia already bought three Turkish drones in 2020 ?

According to information published by the United Nations Register of Conventional Weapons (UNROCA) in June 2021, Saudi Arabia already bought three Turkish Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in 2020. The report did not mention if it is about the UAV is the Bayraktar TB2 or the TAI Anka.

Both countries are actually in discussion regarding the buy of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV, but several persistent political problems between Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like Mavi Vatan (Blue Homeland), the Khashoggi case, or the boycott of Qatar.

The Bayraktar is a medium altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) developed, designed, and manufactured by the Turkish Company Baykar. The system consists of Bayraktar TB2 Armed / UAV Platform, Ground Control Station, Ground Data Terminal, Remote Display Terminal, Advanced Base with Generator and Trailer modules. Thanks to Baykar's technological accumulation and capabilities, the entire system is produced indigenously.

The Bayraktar TB2 capable of conducting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and armed attack missions. The design of the Bayraktar consists of a monocoque fuselage integrating an inverse v-tail structure. The engine is positioned between the tail booms and fuel is stored in bladder tanks.

The Bayraktar TB2 has a lenght of 6.5 m, a height of 2.2 m and a wingspan of 12 m. It has a maximum a maximum take-off weight of 650 kg with a maximum payload capacity of 150 kg. It can fly at a maximum speed of 120 knots (222 km/h) at a maximum altitude of 27,000 feet (8,230 m) and has a flight endurance of up to 27 hours.

Source: airrecognition

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