SDT develops National Seismic Data Processing Software with TPAO

SDT Space and Defence Technologies develops National Seismic Data Processing Software Orhun together with Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO).

Company’s Director of Business Development, Marketing and Contracts Deniz Altın said the following about the national software during his interview with

“It’s a software that collects and processes the seismic data obtained from land and sea.

It’s a software, independent from the platform, the collected data is being saved and afterwards it is being analyzed.

Earlier, this software was purchased from the overseas, because of the conflicts of interest in the East Mediterranean Sea, there was an embargo applied which led to TPAO wanting to nationalize the software. As SDT, we won the tender that was initiated."

With this software, SDT aims to provide strategic benefits to Türkiye’s journey on the independence of energy.

The contract of the project “National Seismic Data Processing Software” was signed between TPAO and SDT in September 2021.

National Seismic Data Processing Software

With the aim to reduce Türkiye’s independence on oil and natural gas abroad, the “National Seismic Data Processing Software” is being developed to replace the foreign-origin software used in the processing of seismic data collected from land and sea, which has been procured from abroad so far.

Within the scope of the National Seismic Processing Software,

  • Main Software Platform
  • Seismic Data Processing and Filtering Operations
  • Speed Analysis and Migration Activities
  • Fracture Statics, 5B Interpolation, Surface Source Repeated Reflection Estimation, Deghosting Activities take place.
SDT, TPAO ile Milli Sismik Veri İşlem Yazılımı geliştiriyor

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