SEDEC 2022 to be a bridge between Turkish businesses and other countries

SEDEC 2022 fair, which will be held on 28 - 30 June 2022, is an export bridge between Turkish businesses operating in the Homeland Security and Defense Supply Chain sectors and other countries.

The companies that will participate in the event will meet in Ankara with government officials, decision makers, end users and purchasing committees from at least 40 countries.

The CEO SEDEC, Dr. Murat DORUK said:

“As SEDEC, we will make the first contact with our industrialists operating in the security and defense supply chain sectors, officials, decision makers and purchasing personnel from Turkey and the world. Our participating companies will come together directly in our own country, in our capital, with people from all over the world who will participate in our event without wasting time and money, and will show their products and talents.

We will host an organization in Ankara where business-oriented meetings are held with B2B and B2G meetings, which we will hold with the requests of our participating companies and the approval of the authorities.”

SEDEC 2022

SEDEC is a conference, bilateral negotiations and fair organization that brings together all International and National actors in the fields of Homeland Security, Border Security, Internal Security and Defense Systems. It is an effective platform that allows Undersecretaries for Defense Industry, General Directorate of Security, Land, Air, Naval Forces and Gendarmerie to have a direct contact with producers.

The event will be held in Ankara Congresium on 28-30 June with participants from more than 50 countries.

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