Shortening machining times with MANUSsim optimizing

The MANUSsim optimizing program, produced by MANUS in the form of domestic software for the CNC machining industry, shortens machining times.

The MANUSsim optimizing program speeds up the movements in the CNC machining process, significantly shortening the machining time. On the other hand, it not only saves cost and time, but also improves processing efficiency.  The optimization made in the part machining process can vary positively according to the complexity of the part and other parameters.

This domestic and national product, developed in Türkiye, contributes to the elimination of an important deficiency in the sector by shortening the processing times of parts in the domestic manufacturing sector and increasing the efficiency obtained from the production process.

MANUS company

MANUS was established as a company focused on producing domestic software for the CNC machining industry both in Türkiye and abroad, successfully collaborating with Türkiye's leading defense and aerospace companies. One of the company's solutions, the MANUSsim optimization program, creates an average of 15 percent increase in productivity in the machined parts in companies.  It is also seen that this increase is up to 40 percent, depending on the part characteristics.


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