Singapore Navy will upgrade its Formidable-class Frigates

Singapore Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday that all six of its Formidable-class Frigates will receive mid-life upgrades.

In an announcement the Singapore Ministry of Defense stated the following as well:

Enhancements to Frigates

In close collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Agency as well as DSO National Laboratories, key upgrades in the frigate mid-life upgrade programme will comprise the following:

a. Enhanced Command & Control (C2) System. The frigates' Combat Management System (CMS) will be enhanced to harness the latest developments in advanced technologies such as in artificial intelligence. Together with improved sensors, this will enable the frigates to detect and react faster to potential threats.

b. Enhanced Combat Systems. Upgrades will be made to the frigates' weapons and communication systems. Besides preventing technology obsolescence, the frigates' weapon systems will be upgraded to be more lethal and accurate, while the ships' communication systems will be refreshed to increase the networking capacity of the frigates with the rest of the SAF.

c. Enhanced Operational Readiness. The Fleet Management System will be incorporated into the upgraded frigates. Information collected on the ships' platform and combat systems health status will be collated and used for pre-emptive engineering actions, to enhance the frigates' operational readiness.

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