STM celebrates 33 years of contribution to Turkish defense sector

Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret Inc. (STM), one of the largest Turkish defense industry companies, was established 33 years ago today on May 3, 1991.

STM was established with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) to provide project management, system engineering, technology transfer, technical and logistic support and consultancy services to the Defense Industry Agency (SSB) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in areas that require high technology for Türkiye’s national security.

STM, diversifying its technology-based activities to meet public and private sector needs, produces innovative solutions ranging from civil aviation, agriculture, health and energy.

STM has expanded its engineering and technology capabilities by taking part in nationally significant projects and by making significant investments in the Turkish defense industry.

Operating in a wide range of fields, including military naval platforms, cyber security, tactical mini-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) systems, radar systems, satellite technologies, command and control systems, certification and consultancy, STM produces solutions for Türkiye’s civil, public, and private sector needs with its unique and critical systems developed using domestic resources.

As one of the largest defense industry companies in Türkiye, STM contributes to the competitiveness of the Turkish defense industry in the global market and carries out export-oriented projects as well.

In 2020 STM was listed among the top 100 defense industry companies in the world. The company currently aims to be among the top 50 largest defense industry companies with its products and solutions portfolio.

What has STM achieved in 32 years?

2011 - Türkiye’s first national warship, the first of the MILGEM ADA-class corvettes, enters service.

2011 - First company in Türkiye to become the main contractor in a submarine modernization project.

2015 - First company in Türkiye to complete a submarine modernization project for which it was the main contractor.

2016 - Became the first company in Türkiye’s to become the main contractor for a foreign country’s submarine modernization project.

2017 - Türkiye’s first cyber fusion center "STM SFM" is opened.

2018 - Completed the construction of the largest tonnage military ship ever built by Türkiye for export.

2018 - Türkiye’s first portable rotary-wing attack UAV system Kargu enters the TAF inventory.

2019 - Ranked among the top 100 defense companies in the world.

2019 - The KERNES Project, which aims to bring operational capability to UAVs in GPS-denied environments, begins.

2021 - Integrated elasticity model developed for NATO is delivered with STM Thinktech.

2021 - Became the main contractor and launched the first national frigate of Türkiye, TCG Istanbul (F-515).

2021 - STM signs its first corvette export contract and begins construction.

2021 - Türkiye’s first rotary wing attack UAV system Kargu exported.

2022 - As the main contractor, delivered the test and training ship TCG Ufuk (A-591).

2022 - The KERKES Project, which enables UAVs to operate in GPS-denied environments, is delivered.

2022 - Production of the STM500 submarine begins.

2022 - Rotary-wing UAV BOYGA carrying mortar ammunition is delivered to the TAF.

2022 - STM-MPAC Multi-Purpose Attack Craft designed for Azerbaijan is introduced.

2022 - Rotary Wing Scout UAV TOGAN enters the inventory of the TAF.

2023 - The second modernized submarine is delivered to Pakistan.

2023 - Contracts are signed for three new ships within the scope of ISTIF class frigates, which are the continuation of the MILGEM Project.

2024 - Türkiye’s first national frigate TCG Istanbul and Logistic Support Ship TCG Üsteğmen Arif Ekmekçi (A-575) are commissioned.

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