STM’s Kamikaze drone “Kargu” in Azerbaijan

STM shared on its social media accounts images from the Kargu drones in Azerbaijan.

It was claimed that KARGU has begun to be used by the Azerbaijani army.

STM kargu

KARGU® is a rotary wing attack drone that has been designed for asymmetric warfare or anti-terrorist operations. It can be carried by a single personnel in both autonomous and manual modes.

KARGU® can be effectively used against static or moving targets through its indigenous and real-time image processing capabilities and machine learning algorithms embedded on the platform.

The system is comprised of the “Rotary-Wing Combat UAV (UCAV)” and “Ground Control Unit” components.

KARGU®, which is included in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, enables soldiers to detect and eliminate threats in a region, and can be used easily by the soldiers in the area without entering the risky areas, especially in asymmetric terrorist operations and asymmetric warfares.

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Reliable Day and Night Operation

  • Autonomous and Precise Hit with Minimal Collateral Damage

  • Different Ammunition Options

  • Tracking Moving Targets

  • High Performance Navigation and Control Algorithms

  • Deployable and Operable by Single Soldier

  • In-Flight Mission Abort and Emergency Self-Destruction

  • Platform-tailored, advanced electronic ammunition safety, setup and trigger systems

  • Disposal at Adjustable Altitude

  • Indigenous National Embedded Hardware and Software

  • Image Processing-Based Control Applications

  • Embedded and Real-Time Object Tracking, Detection and Classification

  • Ability to Load Ammunition Prior to Use

  • 10x Optical Zoom

  • 2 Axis Stabilised Indigenous POD

  • User-Friendly Ground Control Unit interface

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