TAF receives first delivery of logistic support vehicle DERMAN

The first delivery of the 8x8 Wheeled Container Carrier Vehicle (DROPS - DERMAN) project, developed by Koluman to meet the needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command, was made.

The DROPS project was initiated by the Defense Industry Agency (SSB). Commenting on the project, SSB President Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün stated the following:

"We made the first delivery of Derman, which was developed for the purpose of transporting armored vehicles, tanks and ammunition to the operational area, as well as moving mobile command centers and similar structures to desired locations, and rescuing damaged vehicles. I believe that the vehicle with its 8x8 wheels, high ballistic protection and high mobility in steep and inclined conditions will increase the strength of our Land Forces in the field, I congratulate those who contributed to the project."

To be supplied within the scope of the project; Deliveries of 70 Vehicles, 70 Container Transport Platforms, 195 1CC 20 Feet Containers and 40 ZMA/ZPT Transport Platforms are planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

DERMAN Technical Specifications:

8x8 Wheel Configuration

NATO Standard Ballistic Protection

517 Hp Engine

Automatic Transmission with 16 Forward, 4 Reverse Gears

Ability to Operate Between -32 °C and +49 °C

High Mobility

60% Vertical, 30% Side Slope Mobility

110 km/h Top Speed

Flat Drain Wheel System

Central Tire Inflation System

Personnel Compartment Automatic Fire Suppression and Explosion Suppression System

Ability to Carry 20 Tons of 1CC Container

Ability to Carry ZMA/ZPT

Turkish Armed Forces receives first delivery of logistic support vehicle DERMAN


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