Taiwan, US sign NT$1.48 billion P-3C anti-submarine aircraft maintenance deal

Taiwan has signed a NT$1.48 billion (US$48.41 million) contract with the United States to secure the maintenance of its 12 P-3C Orion anti-submarine aircraft, the Ministry of National Defense said Thursday (Jan. 5).

The agreement covered the stationing of U.S. technical staff in Taiwan to assist the Air Force in upgrading and maintaining the planes, the Liberty Times reported. The Ministry of National Defense’s mission in the U.S. concluded the accord with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) for a period valid until Aug. 31, 2027.

The aircraft had been in service with Taiwan’s Air Force since Dec. 2017 and could carry Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Mark 46 torpedoes, and depth charges. In addition to attacking enemy vessels, the Orions could also immediately notify other military units to launch attacks.

The contract was one of several covering maintenance, parts, and repair deals signed between the two countries over the past year, as Taiwan seeks to update its defense capabilities amid aggressive Chinese actions, including the sending of military aircraft and ships across the median line of the Taiwan Strait and in the airspace close to the country.

Source: Taiwan News

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