TEI and GE Marine sign licensing agreement

A "License Agreement" was signed between TEI and GE Marine for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of LM2500 marine gas turbines.

With the agreement, TEI will become GE's authorized in-country service provider for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of LM2500 marine gas turbines.

Thus, in addition to the GE gas turbines used in the Turkish Navy, ships exported and to be exported by Turkey and various global navies using the LM2500 will be able to receive services from TEI.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in August 2021, in which GE and TEI initiated additional localization work, this agreement demonstrates GE's support for Turkey's shipbuilding industry. TEI, the world's leading global defense power systems manufacturer, uses its many years of experience to support the Turkish defense industry in cooperation with GE. GE Marine and TEI, which have been operating together in Turkey for years, are preparing to play an important role in supporting the Turkish shipbuilding industry for many years to come.

Mark Musheno, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GE Marine, said, " As a trusted solution partner to Turkey, GE is pleased to support the Turkish Navy with the LM2500 and strengthen this licensing agreement with TEI. The significant expansion of the LM2500's MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) global network directly benefits the Turkish Navy and the Turkish shipping industry.

The world's most sought-after marine gas turbine, the LM2500, is derived from GE's TF39 and cf6-6 aircraft engines. Currently, 31 of GE's LM2500 gas turbines are in the delivery process or have been delivered for use on 18 ships in Turkey. Barbaros, Gabya and İSTİF class (MILGEM-I) frigates, Ada class (MİLGEM) corvettes and DIMDEG (Marine Supply and Combat Support Ship) are included in these programs.

TUSAS Engine Industry Inc. (TEI) General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit said, " We are excited about the inclusion of TEI in the international maintenance, repair and overhaul service supplier network of LM2500 Marine Engines. Thanks to this license from GE, our long-term solution partner, TEI has become an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified MRO Service Provider to meet the maintenance, repair and overhaul needs of the Turkish Navy as well as the naval forces of many other countries around the world.

Akşit continued his explanations as follows: "Thanks to the investments we expect to make in this area, we are confident that our company will provide the best-in-class maintenance, repair and overhaul service to the LM2500 Marine Engines with timely delivery, fast maintenance times and competitive prices. By making special investments in the project, TEI will gain the necessary capability and capacity in Turkey with the support of our ecosystem and existing infrastructure in the country. We sincerely believe that our strong will and cooperation will turn into a new success story."

GE Marine and TEI will continue to pursue new opportunities for localization of key manufacturing processes such as assembly, installation and testing of LM500 and LM2500 gas turbines. Thus, by maximizing localization, the nationalization priorities of the Turkish government and defense industry will be reinforced. TEI, one of the largest manufacturers of LM2500 gas turbine parts, also provides licensed MRO services for GE's T700 engine used in Black Hawk, Seahawk, Super Cobra and Apache helicopters and GE's F110 engine used in F16 and F15 fighter aircraft.

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