TEKNOFEST 2022 to kick off on 30 August in Samsun

One of the biggest aviation festivals in the world, the 2022 Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival will be held in Samsun between 30 August - 4 September.

During the festival results of competitions held in 39 different categories including rocketry, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and underwater systems will be announced. The teams that made it to the finals in these competitions will also exhibit their works in the festival area.

Teknofest, where various competitions, shows, concerts, plays and events will be held, will offer opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience unforgettable moments.

Many universities and government institutions, especially defense industry, technology, and aerospace companies, will exhibit their products, capabilities, and services at their stands.

In the festival area, military and civil aircraft, defense industry products and technological vehicles will be waiting for the visitors.

During the festival a bus service will transport festival goers to and from the city center to the festival area at Samsun Çarşamba Airport.

To attend TEKNOFEST 2022, you need to register on the festival’s website.

TEKNOFEST 2022 to kick off on 30 August in Samsun

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