TEKNOFEST plays an important role in creating employment opportunities in defense industry

Baykar Defense General Manager Haluk Bayraktar spoke to defensehere.com about TEKNOFEST's contribution to creating employment opportunities in the field of defense industry.

In exclusive statements made by Haluk to defensehere.com, he said the following: “The field of defense industry is witnessing a huge interest by the Turkish youth. The number of applications for internship at Baykar defense has reached 500 applications, indicating that the company has already accepted 850 trainees/applicants during the year."

Bayraktar confirmed that at least 100 to 150 trainees will be selected to work as employees of Baykar defense, which will contribute to providing the defense industries field with a skilled workforce.

TEKNOFEST Festival, which is held this year in the city of Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey, is an exhibition devoted to technology, aviation and space, and is the largest exhibition/competition of its kind in the world.

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