Teknopark Istanbul establishes an incubation center in Uzbekistan

Teknopark Istanbul announced that it will provide support to Teknohub, the first incubation center to be established in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

In a statement made by Teknopark Istanbul on Twitter came the following:

“Uzbekistan's first incubation center "Teknohub" is being established with the support of Teknopark Istanbul.

President of the Presidential Human Resources Office Salim Atay, Teknopark Istanbul Chairman Prof. Dr. Metin Yerebakan and Uzbekistan Deputy Minister of Innovation Development Aybek Narınbayev attended the signing ceremony that was held through a video conference.

According to the information Defensehere reporter received from Teknopark Istanbul; Teknopark Istanbul will be a partner and shareholder of the incubation center to be established in Uzbekistan. Teknopark Istanbul, will not only transfer its experience and know-how but it will also provide important support to the establishment processes and the formation of the center’s infrastructure.

Through the start-ups that will be established thanks to the center, Turkey will support Uzbekistan in reaching its regional technological development as well as administrative and technological infrastructural goals

Incubation center: A business development center that provides financial and moral support to the entrepreneur to develop their enterprise.

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