Test flights of the second prototype of AKINCI AUAV continue

Test flights of the second prototype of Bayraktar AKINCI AUAV (Assault Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are in progress. AKINCI PT-2 has recently successfully completed the Medium Altitude System Identification Test.

"AKINCI PT-2 continues to warm up ... Lots of training is a must for carrying out successful missions," Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar wrote on his Twitter account.

Speaking during AKINCI's test flight on video, Bayraktar said:

“Today, September 11, 2020 using our AKINCI Prototype-2 Unmanned Aerial vehicle, we took off for a system identification test about an hour and 35 minutes ago, are work is done. Carrying out a “past” test, soon we'll land again. Good luck to our country, our nation.”

AKINCI TİHA’nın ikinci prototipinin test uçuşları devam ediyor


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