The Turkish Defense Industry Company Turaç celebrates 36th anniversary

Turaç, which produces and sells small arms ammunition in the field of defense industry, especially in the hunting and shooting sector, was founded 36 years ago today on May 2, 1987.

The following was shared from Turaç's social media accounts for the 36th anniversary:

“Turaç celebrates 36th anniversary on the 100th year of the Republic.

Since the day we started, together with our founder Mehmet Saim ALTUNBAŞ, we have never changed our principle.

“Engage in trade, for nine tenths of sustenance is found therein.” (Hadith)

Turaç, which operates in Çankırı, started its production life with 15 different product types and continues with more than 120 kinds of products today.

Turaç has its headquarters in Ankara and an office in Istanbul.

In the list of Türkiye’s top 1000 exporters

Turaç produces more than 200 million cartridges annually and exports 60 percent of this production to more than 70 countries.

Turaç, which is included in the list of Türkiye's top 1000 exporters in 2019 and 2020, contributes to the development of the hunting and shooting sector in Türkiye.

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