The world’s top 100 defense industry companies 2023 list has been announced

The results of the "Defense News Top 100" 2023, which is published on the basis of defense sales and is considered the most prestigious defense industry list in the world, were announced by the United States (USA)-based military publishing organization Defense News magazine.

The full list can be found here: Defense News Top 100

In the Defense News Top 100 list, there are 52 companies in the United States; 4 companies in the United Kingdom, France and Türkiye; 3 companies in Japan, South Korea and Israel; 2 companies in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Norway; Brazil, Luxembourg, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore and Sweden have 1 company each.

While no company from Russia, one of the world's largest arms manufacturers and which has come to the agenda again with its weapons due to the war with Ukraine, was included in the list, 1 company from Ukraine was on the list.

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