Thrilling war scenes from Turkish-Azerbaijani joint military drills

Dummy enemy targets were hit from land and air during the joint military drills carried out by the Turkish and Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Nakhchivan.

Within the framework of the military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, the tasks fulfilled during the maneuvers, conducted in order to improve coordination between the two countries' armed forces, displayed thrilling war scenes.

The exercise included 2,600 soldiers, 200 tanks and armored vehicles, 180 missile systems, cannons and mortars, 18 helicopters and aircrafts, and more than 30 air defense systems.

The exercise began with the neutralization of the supposedly enemy reconnaissance-sabotage groups. The Turkish and Azerbaijani troops seized supposedly enemy territories by attacking them. The troops also destroyed supposedly enemy firing points and armored vehicles.

As part of the maneuvers, enemy unmanned aerial vehicles were deactivated, and enemy reserve forces were attacked from air.

During the drills, in which special forces units also participated, air drops were made in certain areas. Moreover, fighter jets performed different tasks throughout the drills.

At the end of the joint drills, helicopters flew carrying the Turkish and Azerbaijani flags in display of partnership and friendship between the two brother countries.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Vasıf Talibov, and the Commander of Turkey’s Third Army Lieutenant General, Şeref Öngay, closely followed the drills.

Türkiye ve Azerbaycan'dan savaş sahnelerini aratmayan tatbikat


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