TRLG-230 new generation laser-guided artillery missile

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a speech at the Opening Ceremony of Roketsan's Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Centre and Explosive Raw Material Production Facility.

Erdogan said the following about the new generation laser-guided artillery missile “TRLG-230”:

“We continue to work on technologies that will bring new capabilities to the missile race, especially to our security forces who are in the field day in, day out. A laser seeker head has been integrated into the TRG-230 missile system.

This missile system, named TRLG 230, has been developed in a way that it can hit targets marked by UAVs and UCAVs from land. The target marked by the Bayraktar TB2 UCVA’s laser, was hit by a laser-guided 230-millimeter missile system. This new development will especially strengthen our soldiers’ position at the front line.”


TRG-230 Missiles has great catastrophic effect on high priority targets between the 20-70 km range thanks to their high accuracy and destructive power.
The TRG-230 Missile; With the K + Weapon System and the Multi-Purpose Rocket System developed by ROKETSAN, it can be launched from different types of platforms using appropriate interfaces.

Yeni nesil lazer güdümlü topçu füzesi TRLG-230


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