Turkey's Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. transfers technology to Jordan

Turkey’s leading arms and ammunition manufacturer, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. (MKE) has signed a contract on the supply and installation of Cartridge/rounds filling-assembly & Cartridge and cartridge cases production lines with Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB).

According to information gathered by Anadolu Agency, the contract came as a result of a visit paid by a delegation from JODDB to MKE Cartridge Factory (Gazi Fişek Fabrikasi), which was commissioned in August 2020.

The production lines to be installed within the scope of the contract are aimed to meet the needs of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

In fact the lines will have an annual production of 30 million cartridge cases (5.56mmx45, 7.62mmx51, 7.62mmx39 and 9mmx19) as well as 30 million rounds (7.62mmx51 M80, 5.56mmx45 SS109/M193, 7.62mmx39 M67, 9mmx19). They will have capacity to fill/assemble 20 million; 7.62mmx51 M80 Cartridges, 7.62mmx39 M67 Cartridges and 5.56mmx45 SS109/M193 cartridges.

MKE will be responsible for the provision of the necessary equipment needed for the production/assembly lines to reach full capacity. It will also be responsible for the installment of the lines, the technology transfer, providing technical assistance, documentation of the information package and providing the training needed.

Three-month pilot production will also be carried out under the supervision of MKE. All works are planned to be carried out over the course of 103 weeks.

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