Turkey’s ROKETSAN is 33 years old

Founded on 14 June 1988 to meet the rocket and missile needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), and to work on rocket and missile design, development and production, ROKETSAN is 33 years old today.

Extending its product range to include Land, Air and Naval Weapons Systems, ROKETSAN today designs and manufactures; rockets, missiles, guided ammunition and their launch systems, propulsion systems, fuels, seeker heads, guidance and control systems, fuses, warheads, mechanical parts, algorithms and software.

ROKETSAN also works on integrating these systems into land, air and sea platforms, while providing logistics services needed for these systems. The company also designs and produces ballistic protections systems while developing satellite launch systems as well.

Ranking 98th on the World's Top 100 Defense Industry Companies list, ROKETSAN ranked 96th in 2018 and 89th in 2019.

ROKETSAN released the following video celebrating its 33rd anniversary:

Turkey’s ROKETSAN is 50 years old

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