Turkey starts manufacturing its first domestic submarine named "STM500"

Turkey's STM announced today that it has started manufacturing the country's first domestic submarine under the name STM500.

The Turkish Defense Industry Agency, under whose supervision the STM500 submarine construction project is being implemented, stated that the signal has been given to start manufacturing the "pressure hull" of the submarine, which was designed by STM engineers.

This is the first time that a pressure hull for a submarine will be manufactured locally in Turkey, and the manufacturer stated that the submarine will be equipped with modern features that meet the needs of Turkey and its allied countries.

STM500 Submarine is a shallow water diesel-electric attack submarine developed by STM.

The platform is capable of enduring 18+6 (SF) personnel for 30 days at depths more than 250 meters, ready to fire its 4 tubes loaded with a variety of 8 modern heavy weight torpedoes and guided missiles.

Specifications of the STM500 submarine

In addition to all the duties of a classic attack submarine, the STM500 will also have special forces operations capabilities.

Diving depth: 250 meters
Endurance: 30 days

Full Length: 42.0m
Beam: 4.2m
Height: 8.5m

Surfaced: 450+ tons
Submerged: More than 500 tons
Maximum speed: +18 knots
Travel Speed: 5 knots

For more information about the submarine: STM500

Turkey starts manufacturing its first domestic submarine named "STM500"

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