Turkey's Defense Industry Agenda 09 - 15 May 2022

Turkey and Kazakhstan signed 15 agreements covering many fields including the defense industry.

General Assembly Meeting of ASPİLSAN Energy was held in Kayseri.

Producing Turkey's first unmanned helicopter Alpin, Titra Technology entered a strategic cooperation with Cicare, an Argentine helicopter manufacturer.

Turkish Aerospace signed a memorandum of understanding with the state-owned Kazakhstan Engineering for joint production of ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle in Kazakhstan.

ASELSANNET became the first and only company in Turkey to receive the Cybersecurity Hygiene Certificate.

A large number of CATS cameras domestically developed by ASELSAN were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

A memorandum of understanding for cooperation was signed between ASFAT, Kazakhstan Engineering and YDA.

Turkish Aerospace became the leader in patent applications in Turkey.

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry company got the truck mounted howitzer Yavuz ready for active duty.

Yıldız Technical University's 10th Defense Industry Days was held in Istanbul between 11-12 May.

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