Turkey's Defense Industry Agenda 14 - 20 March 2022

OSTİM Technical University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Sinan Kivrak and his students developed a Mortar Release System for drones with their laboratory work.

FNSS delivered the first batch of completed KAPLAN MT (Harimau) Medium Tank platforms to the representatives from Indonesia with an event held in Ankara.

REPKON DEFENCE introduced its new 40 mm six-round grenade launcher with a revolver-style magazine.

Presidency of Defense Industries head İsmail Demir said that the engine for the Altay Tank came from South Korea and that testing has begun.

STM announced that it has developed Turkey's first “Wheelmark" certified Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System.

Founded on March 15, 1950, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Inc. has turned 72.

An automatic weapon system was integrated into the Armed Unmanned Surface Vessel ULAQ, produced by ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defense.

ASISGUARD General Manager Barış Duzgun evaluated the company's 2021 year at a press conference and explained the company’s targets for 2022.

Having signed an agreement with Boeing, HMS Makina will produce various parts for Boeing 737.

PROFEN talked about its products and services at the 13th ARABSAT Telecom Forum held in Morocco.

Baykar Technologies CTO Selçuk Bayraktar said, "Bayraktar TB3 and Kızılelma will revolutionize combat history if they’re taken into active service." said.

FNSS announced that its PARS 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle has reached the final stages of endurance tests.

Modernized by STM for the Pakistan Navy, the Agosta 90B class submarine hit a target with a single torpedo shot in an exercise.

The armed drone Songar, produced by ASİSGUARD, fired a mini rocket developed by Troy Technology Defense company.

Nurol Makina Hungary, subsidiary of Nurol Makina, signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian authorities for the production of armored vehicles in Hungary.

The European Aviation and Space Quality Group held its term meeting for the first time in Turkey, organized by SAHA Istanbul.

Turkish Space Agency shared a video about its National Hybrid Propulsion System that will carry a spacecraft to the Moon in the planned "Moon Research Mission".

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