Turkey's Defense Industry Agenda 15 – 21 May 2023

A contract for the Fixed Early Warning Radar System Project was signed between ASELSAN and the Turkish Defense Industry Agency.

The first F-16 Block 30, modernized under the ÖZGÜR Project by Turkish Aerospace with domestic and national systems, was delivered to the Turkish Air Force.

HAVELSAN acquired 49 percent of ASISGUARD, which developed Turkey's first armed drone system Songar.

The Armored Vehicle Mini Satellite Antenna Communication System developed by CTech was successfully tested on the 4x4 Vuran armored mortar vehicle manufactured by BMC.

Sarsılmaz Deputy General Manager Öner Özyılmaz said that the new version of SARBOT, Turkey's first armed robot, will be exhibited at IDEF 23.

Turkey's first vocational high school in the field of space and aviation technology was opened with a ceremony held in Ankara.

ASELSAN's Infrared Search and Track system PIRI-100 entered the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces together with the amphibious assault ship TCG Anadolu.

The promotion ceremony of the KALFA Program, organized with the coordination of the Defense Industry Academy within the SSB, was held.

Turkish Aerospace delivered 2 Aksungur UCAVs to the Turkish Armed Forces.

Laser-guided mini-missile METE, developed within the Turkish defense industry, is ready for mass production.

STM successfully completed the acceptance tests of critical systems in the Half-Life Modernization Project of 4 Preveze Class Submarines in the inventory of the Turkish Navy.

A contract for Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems supply, avionic software development and integration was signed between ASELSAN and Turkish Aerospace business partnership and the Defense Industry Agency.

Türksat and CTech companies exhibited their products at CABSAT 2023, the largest broadcasting fair in the Middle East.

Technopark Istanbul ranked first in Turkey for the third time in a row, with 77 patented companies among the technoparks with patented startups.

The robot dog X20, which is used in many sectors, especially in the defense industry, is ready for sale in Turkey.

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