Turkey's first jet trainer and light attack aircraft Hürjet performs taxi tests

Hürjet, Turkey's first jet trainer and light attack aircraft developed by Turkish Aerospace, taxied for the first time on March 18th.

Turkish Aerospace General Manager Temel Kotil shared on his Twitter account, "We kept our promise to our nation in the Century of Turkey. MMU and HÜRJET taxied, ATAK 2 will start its engine soon, ANKA 3 will take its first flight. We present our products, which we have created with thousands of colleagues and business partners, to the martyrs of Çanakkale."


Hürjet first started its engine on February 2. The aircraft is planned to enter Turkish Airforce service in 2025. Once the aircraft begins serial production Turkish Aerospace aims to reach 2 Hürjet production capacity per month.

The Hürjet Project, carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency, was launched in August 2017 as the Jet Trainer Development Project.

Hürjet, which will be approximately 14 meters long, 5 meters tall with a 9.5 meter wingspan, will be able to reach a speed of 1.4 mach and can fly at a maximum altitude of 45 thousand feet.

The aircraft will have 7 weapons stations, three under the wing and one under the fuselage. Hürjet will be able to carry payloads totaling close to 3 tons.


The unmanned combat aircraft system ANKA-3 developed by Turkish Aerospace was also displayed on the runway for the first time.

ANKA-3 is a low observable unmanned combat aircraft with a flying wing design. The aircraft has a single jet engine powering it and features internal weapons bay as well as hard points for additional weapons under the wings.

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