Turkey's Nurol Technology showcases it newest ballistic protective gear, bunker

The Turkish defense industry continues to develop new products for security forces in line with demands coming directly from the field. In the industry's latest innovation, Nurol Technology has introduced its newest solutions for protective gear and bunkers for close contacts and dangerous fields at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021) that was organized last month.

Ali Akdeniz, assistance marketing expert at the company told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have made modular and ballistic protective equipment in various configurations with the advanced technical ballistic materials they developed. He stated that in this context, they produce ballistic ceramics and use them to produce personnel, vehicle and structural ballistic protection products.

Akdeniz, noting that the company has produced a series of innovative products, stated that the "modular bunker (MODKOR)” provides ballistic protection with its modular structure in deployment areas, while the "shield carrier" system reduces the weight of the shield, and the "mini shield" allows easy and safe entry into difficult mission areas.

Commenting more on the shield carrier system, he informed audiences that the system involves a shield that provides the highest level of protection, can hold armor-piercing ammunition and weighs approximately 26 kilograms (57 pounds).

“The 26-kilogram shield is difficult for personnel to carry, they cannot go up and down stairs. When the same person wears the shield carrier system and attaches the shield, they can easily go up and down the stairs. The system is less than three kilograms and removes the entire load of the shield. It operates completely hands-free,” he explained.

Emphasizing that it is very important for them to find solutions per the needs occurring in the field, Akdeniz said that MODKOR emerged as a result of consultations with the military and police units.

“We have been working on product development for several months. We have determined that there is no product that will provide structural protection in difficult areas. We have developed a structure that can be used in the desired configuration, whether in the most difficult rough terrain or roof tasks,” he noted.

Since we are a manufacturer of advanced technical material, Akdeniz continued as saying, “we can develop solutions with the desired thickness, protection and weight. The most important feature of MODKOR is that it can be installed in various regions and used in the needed size and capacity.”

Stating that the mini shield emerged from the needs of the security forces and the product development meetings held with them, Akdeniz said, "The mini shield was born with the need to enter very narrow and difficult areas, which is impossible with a large, heavy shield.”

The company's product provides protection for vital organs and is smaller and lighter.

Source: Daily Sabah

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