Turkey isn’t only good at the platform product level, but also at the sub-system level: Haluk Bayraktar

SAHA EXPO has been a great exhibition at which the Turkish defense industry clearly showed the world that it isn’t only good at the platform level products but also at sub-system technologies, components and material technologies level, Haluk Bayraktar stated.

In an interview with defensehere.com, the CEO of Baykar Technologies and the Chairman of the Board of SAHA Istanbul, Mr. Haluk Bayraktar talked about SAHA EXPO defense and Aerospace exhibition and its organizers; SAHA Istanbul.

"We are here at the final day of SAHA Expo 2021 exhibition and this is its second time. The exhibition got five times bigger compared to the first one," Bayraktar said.

Talking about SAHA Istanbul and its mission he said "SAHA is the biggest industrial cluster of Turkey not only that but also the biggest aerospace and defense cluster, and it’s the second biggest cluster in Europe".

"The target of the SAHA cluster was to bring the private sector dynamism to our defense industry," he added.

SAHA expo offered a unique business-oriented atmosphere to defense-industry officials and military delegations from around the world more than any other defense exhibition held in Turkey this year with more than thousand B2B (Business-to-Business) meetings and hundreds of panels on innovative technologies and defense products, where the sector experts had the opportunity to discuss and share ideas.

Haluk Bayraktar also mentioned the exhibition played a great role in showing the world that "the Turkish defense industry isn’t only good at the platform level products but also very good at the sub-system technologies and components and material technologies as well".

Talking about Turkey’s national technology initiative that it kicked off 15 years ago, Bayraktar said "We have created a very strong ecosystem and we have done it in a very short period of time, so we are proud to be a part of it. We are very proud to be a part of this organization and it will keep growing year by year".

According to Mr. Bayraktar, SAHA EXPO managed to draw great interest from domestic and international defense industry companies, where he said: "This year we had 80 foreign companies from 30 different countries, as well as more than 400 domestic companies taking part in the exhibition".

Turkish Baykar’s CEO: Turkey isn’t only good on the platform level, but also on the sub-system level

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