Turkish defense firm partners with Epic Games for the development of a war game

Turkish defense manufacturer, HAVELSAN, announced Monday that it signed a partnership with Epic Games, best known for its Unreal Engine platform, for the release of a first person shooter game called “Malazgirt.”

Epic Games, which has attracted attention as one of the world’s leading gaming companies, is known for developing Unreal Engine, a game engine that has become a widely used tool in the video game industry, while HAVELSAN is a Turkish defense company that operates in the fields of defense, simulation, informatics, national security and cyber security.

- Malazgirt Project led efforts

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said they have completed the first phase of the Malazgirt Project within the scope of their work in the field of serious games and they will start the second phase.

Pointing out the importance of presenting realistic images, the outside world and the physical effects there as real in simulators and war games, Nacar said the importance of serious games increases when it is made a tool to be used in modeling the battlefield.

"It is an area where all kinds of external environments, from streams to hills, from bridges to roads, from trees to plants, from wind to snow, from rain to hail are modeled as if they were real," he said.

Explaining that they started using the Unreal Engine technology, which has become the most developed game engine in this field, with the Malazgirt Project, Nacar said they signed an agreement with Epic Games later on.

"In line with this agreement, HAVELSAN has become one of the most important representatives of Epic Games in the region. We have developed cooperation issues such as some after-sales services of Epic Games, working with HAVELSAN as the authorized representative on Unreal game development," he said.

Noting they will make the Malazgirt Project open source after completing the second phase, Nacar said they will make it available to game developers.

"You can produce valuable values in open source and make them licensed, for example, to model the platforms used in our country. For example, you can model all platforms such as Atak, Hurkus, Hurjet, Anka, Bayraktar TB2, Aksungur, Akinci, MILGEM, LHD and turn these models into intelligent units supported by artificial intelligence," he said, referring to Turkish-made defense equipment.

"In other words, by supporting them with a game engine, you can see how they produce a 3D image in the real environment, in the war environment, how they interact, together with the effects of the outside world, and their educational benefits. We know that it is a company, there is a wide ecosystem, and we want to ensure that the domestic-national platforms developed in our country develop in terms of games by turning more towards areas such as casual games, serious games, war games," he added.

- ‘We will realize the virtual war environment together’

Pointing out that HAVELSAN has developed various products in this field with more than 25 years of modeling and simulation experience, Nacar said they are moving towards a world where a practice environment can be combined with virtual reality and shot in reality with the help of developing technologies.

Emphasizing that serious gaming technologies are very important in this technological development, he said "2023 will be a year in which we will realize the digital warfare environment by adding visuality on top of our knowledge from the past and launch products in this field."

"Later on, we will continue our presence in this field with more advanced products, and we will go one step ahead, the benefit of it being open source and having an ecosystem. (But) we do not have the chance to model and integrate every scenario or platform into the system. This means more need for manpower and effort," he added.

"Therefore, it is important that these are developed and integrated more quickly by spreading to the ecosystem. And then we will assume the role of integrating them and realize the virtual war environment together with the ecosystem. Because the world is going there, towards the Metaverse.

"These technologies are also in the Metaverse infrastructure. We started from war games and went from virtual games to virtual twins. We are heading towards a world where real physical platforms and virtual platforms work together. One of the indispensable areas of technology here is the field of serious games. We want to further consolidate our presence in this area. This is where the world is going. I would like to express that we are ready to fulfill our duty in order for our country to go further in this field," he added.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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