Turkish defense giant FNSS to exhibit its Marine Assault Vehicle 'MAV' at IDEF 2021

Turkish defense giant FNSS will exhibit its Marine Assault Vehicle dubbed "MAV" at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021), which is to be held on August 17-20, 2021, the company tweeted today. 

MAV has been developed by FNSS to meet the amphibious armored vehicle requirements of the Turkish Navy.

In the video shared by the company on twitter came the following: 

"MAV is specially designed for rough sea conditions. The first and only personnel carrier vehicle designed for the use of Turkish Armed Forces both at sea and on land. The amphibious assault vehicle with the best remote controlled weapon station in its class.

Marine Assault Vehicle; the most powerful of its class. The only indigenous amphibious vehicle, capable of operating up to sea state 4. The fastest amphibious vehicle in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces.

Marine Assault Vehicle is a fellow soldier to our marines. The striking power of our marine corps with its high firing capability. Meet with MAV at IDEF 2021".

Compared to similar systems, MAV can be considered superior in the following respects:

  • Number of personnel transported by the vehicle,
  • Level of ballistic and mine protection, and
  • Its performance on land and in water.

The base vehicle can be configured in different variants such as Personnel Carrier and Command-Post. Few navies worldwide  possess such a capability.

The MAV owes its fire power to its 12.7 mm MG & 40 mm AGL remote controlled turret. Unique hull design and powerful water jets make the MAV highly mobile in water with a speed of 7 knots, as well as on land, at 70 km/h maximum speed.

Turkish defense giant FNSS to exhibit its Marine Assault Vehicle 'MAV' at IDEF 2021

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