Turkish firm STM’s KARGU kamikaze UAV takes flight in Caucasus Eagle-2024 drill

Turkish defense industry products featured in the recent “Caucasus Eagle-2024” exercise conducted in Azerbaijan, where Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Georgian special forces collaborated.

Notably, the KARGU kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Turkish defense firm STM was utilized.

STM shared the related development on its social media accounts.

“With our national technologies, we always stand by our allied and brotherly country Azerbaijan! Our strike UAV system KARGU hit its target with pinpoint accuracy in the Caucasus Eagle 2024 Exercise organized by the special forces of Türkiye, Azerbaijan and Georgia in Azerbaijan! KARGU, which has been actively used by the Turkish Armed Forces in cross-border and counter-terrorism operations since 2018, has been exported to more than 10 countries so far,” the company wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

KARGU combat-proven rotary-wing strike UAV

KARGU is a single-soldier, portable rotary-wing, domestic UAV solution, capable of detecting and destroying targets both in-line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight.

The KARGU platform has the capability to navigate completely autonomously with the help of the mission computer and to effectively and accurately destroy fixed or moving targets detected by the operator in the mission area. The system operates completely under operator control with the 'Man-in-the-Loop' principle.

The system consists of the 'Striking UAV Platform' and 'Ground Control Unit' components.

KARGU, which is in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and inventories of some foreign foreign, provides reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence, and precision strike capability to the user personnel by detecting and confirming in- and beyond-line-of-sight targets in high-risk, complex conflict zones.

The KARGU system can be reused thanks to its mission abort and return home functions. The system has the capability to operate day and night with its Electro Optical and Infrared cameras.

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