Turkish heavy combat helicopter starts engine for 1st time

Türkiye's ATAK-2 multirole heavy combat helicopter started its engine for the first time on Sunday.

The ATAK-2 was developed by Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ), with the contract for the project signed in 2019.

Chief engineer Mehmet Yilmaz said the project involved unprecedented rapid development and design processes.

"About two years ago, a decision for early flight was made. We also started and accelerated our work on the early flight decision," he said.

"We've been producing parts and supplying equipment for about a year and carried out the hull and final assembly of our helicopter in the last three to four months."

With the first test of the engine a success, the engineering team is preparing for a second one, said Yilmaz.

He said that before the chopper can fly, the team will have to complete a series of difficult tests of its structure, transmission, rotor, engine integration, avionics and electrical system integration.

The helicopter, which boasts a 2,500-horsepower engine, can take-off with a load of 11.5 tons, he added.

The ATAK-2 features a maximum target speed of 175 knots and can carry a payload of 1.5 tons, with the chief engineer stressing that these specs would give it a serious edge.

It also has a 30-mm gun equipped, with a camera to provide optics for the pilots, he added.

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Ağır Sınıf Taarruz Helikopteri ATAK-2, ilk kez motor çalıştırdı

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