Türkiye's first domestic epoxy resin entered the mass production phase

Türkiye's first domestic epoxy resin, developed by CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies Inc., has entered the mass production stage.

According to the information given by the founder of the company, Ömer Güven, to Defensehere.com, the first stage project will serve with a total production capacity of 14,400 tons in epoxy resin until the end of 2024. Stating that domestically produced resin is not exported, Güven stated that Turkish resin will be sent to at least 10 countries by 2024.

Epoxy resin is used as a raw material in the construction, composite, energy, electronics, and aerospace industries. The epoxy resin, which has been imported from abroad so far, has been brought to Türkiye by CET company. In this context, Türkiye's current account deficit and strategic gap in epoxy resin were filled.

In the post made from the company's LinkedIn account for mass production, the following statements were included:

We are pleased to announce that our "Domestic Epoxy Resin Production" project has successfully entered the mass production phase. In the difficult journey that we started with a visionary dream four years ago, we succeeded in moving to this very important stage where our dreams came true; We have achieved this thanks to the joint efforts of our young, devoted and talented team members who work tirelessly, and the valuable support provided by the "Technology-Oriented Industry Move" program, which was implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in cooperation with KOSGEB - Tübitak. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with domestic epoxy resin production technology and creating a lasting impact. Stay tuned as we move into the next phase of our journey."


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