U.S. Marine Corps deactivated another tank unit

The United States Marine Corps said final goodbyes to Bravo Company, 2d Tank Battalion during the deactivation ceremony on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

U.S. Marines with Bravo Company, 2d Tank Battalion, 2d Marine Division (MARDIV) have participated in a deactivation ceremony of Bravo Company, 2d Tanks Battalion on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Nov. 13, 2020.

“Charlie Company, 2d Tank Battalion served 2d MARDIV for nearly 80 years and was deactivated in response to a future redesign of the Marine Corps,” the news release says.

The Marine Corps is divesting its tank battalions following the commandant’s guidance in Force Design 2030. In accordance with Marine Corps Force Design 2030, 2nd Tank Battalion is being deactivated to optimize the Marine Corps’ ability to conduct naval expeditionary warfare.

The 15-page document outlines a plan to modernize the Marine Corps in accordance with the National Defense Strategy, and doing so within the financial means available. It is also being conducted with respect to the history of the Corps.

The Marine Corps is moving from a “second land army” back to its maritime roots of defending ships at sea, island-hopping and battling for contested coastlines, in preparation for potential conflict with near-peer adversaries such as China.

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