UK and Germany team up to develop advanced tank ammunition

In a landmark agreement, Germany and the United Kingdom have announced their collaboration on the next phase of development for advanced armour-piercing tank ammunition.

The Enhanced Kinetic Energy (EKE) round is set to significantly boost the armies’ ability to counter evolving enemy threats.

UK National Armaments Director, Andy Start, and his German counterpart, Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, met at the Honourable Artillery Company in London to sign a Statement of Intent to work together on the EKE round. The advanced armour-piercing ammunition is expected to play a pivotal role in both nations’ defence strategies.

The ongoing qualification process confirms that the new munition adheres to all legal and regulatory standards. Officials from both countries are currently discussing the establishment of a joint programme this year, with the EKE ammunition slated for use on the Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank and German Leopard 2 tank.

Shared Work for Shared Benefits

The collaboration between the UK and Germany is anticipated to create a sustainable industrial capacity for both nations’ industries, sustaining jobs across the UK and supporting the UK Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy.

UK Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, emphasised the benefits of the joint programme, stating, “We’re very pleased to work with Germany on this programme, helping equip our respective Armed Forces with a crucial battle-winning capability. The standardised ammunition will not only benefit battlefield collaboration with many of our NATO allies, but has important export potential for UK and German defence industry partners.”

Improved Interoperability and Expanded Cooperation

The EKE rounds will be fired from the L55A1 turret on Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, supporting interoperability with NATO allies. This agreement follows both countries announcing the gifting of a squadron of their respective Main Battle Tanks to support Ukraine in its fight to counter Russia’s illegal invasion.

DEU State Secretary for FMOD, Benedict Zimmer, highlighted the strong partnership between the two nations, stating, “The programme for 120mm EKE tank ammunition once again proves that the United Kingdom and Germany remain to co-operate as very close partners and friends.”

Under the terms of the new agreement, Germany and the UK will remain open to additional nations joining the cooperation or becoming export recipients, while continuing discussions on potential collaboration for other types of 120mm tank ammunition.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence, UK Defence Journal



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