UK-based Aeralis to introduce 1st flying variant of light jet aircraft by 2027

Aeralis, a UK-based aircraft development company, has been working on modular light jet aircraft, which can be designed in several variants, including an unmanned one, according to the CEO and founder of the company.

Tristan Crawford discussed the company's products in an interview with DefenseHere on the sidelines of a recent defense exhibition, DIMDEX, held in the Qatari capital of Doha in March.

“You can even change the cockpit to unmanned variants as well. So, you have at least five or six different variants of the aircraft utilizing the same core system in the middle. This provides significant flexibility, reducing costs and complexity for the customer," Crawford stated.

Regarding their collaboration with Qatar’s Barzan Holding, he mentioned that the holding is supporting the commercial potential of this concept and the program.

“We have a long and deep collaboration with the team at Barzan Holding and are very excited about taking this further,” he said.

Crawford mentioned that they are currently aiming for the end of 2027 to have the first flying variant of the aircraft. He added that it would realistically be in service by the end of the decade, around 2030, to obtain the first certification. This is when they anticipate the market for light jet aircraft to experience significant turnover, as most of the world's light jet training aircraft are becoming very old.

“To truly bring much more flexibility and better operating economics for defense, so that we can extract more value from fleets and change the way the air forces operate to deliver greater capability at a better price.”

UK-based Aeralis to introduce 1st flying variant of light jet aircraft by 2027


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