Ukraine based SHERP: 'We have very high expectations from Turkey'

SHERP all-terrain vehicles are innovative vehicles that are able to work under extreme operational conditions and on any type of terrain, overcome obstacles and float on water. They are also reliable and low cost in maintenance.

SHERP all-terrain vehicles are produced by Ukrainian vehicles developer and manufacturer, SHERP INTERNATIONAL, that is based in Kyiv.

Alexey Opanasenko, The Asia Marketing Officer at SHERP, said the following in an interview with

"There vehicles are made in Ukraine in capital city Kyiv. Currently around 1000 units are operating worldwide mostly for the search and rescue services by pipelines companies, power lines companies, mining companies, humanitarian companies.

One of very reputable clients is the united nations that use these vehicles for their operations in Africa to deliver food to the people who are in need with for these products.

We have the very highest expectations from Turkey based on our two-week demo tour that we spent here. We managed to visit government authorities like firefighting departments, police, Gendarmerie, special forces, also business companies involved in pipelines management, TİAŞ, Botaş companies responsible for the power lines management, search and rescue, ofcourse AFAT, so we believe that due to these vehicles the Turkish market will get very strong product to make living in the country safer, better and let the business faster and more effective at any terrain and weather conditions."

Capabilities of the SHERP all-terrain vehicles:

Climbing slopes with an angle of up to 35°.

Speeds of up to 40 km/h at all types of terrain

Adjustable tire pressure using exhaust gases

Floating on water with the ability to cruise with speeds of up to 6 km/h

Transportation solution with a loading capacity of up to 5000 kg or 2 SHERP pro vehicles

Loading capacity of Up to 3400 kg and the ability to carry up to 22 passengers

Modular with solutions for various needs

Ukraine base SHERP: 'We have the very highest expectations from Turkey'

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