Ukraine's Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha: 'There are many areas where we jointly develop products'

Ukraine's Ambassador to Ankara His Excellency Andrii Sybiha spoke to at the all-terrain vehicles-demonstration event organized by the Ukraine-based vehicles manufacturer SHERP near Gölbaşı district in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

SHERP joined forces with the Turkish firm ARGO with the aim of producing their amphibious off-road vehicles in Turkey. Ambassador Sybiha joined the test drive carried out at the event and commented saying the following:

 "I will start with the fact that Ukraine and Turkey are two states that complement each other and are not competitors. And based on this principle, we are building cooperation in many areas. We do not want to sell one or two items of a certain series, but we want to establish production, joint research, and carry out design work.

As an ambassador, I am very pleased to be on the test drive of this model of the SHERP amphibious vehicles manufactured in Ukraine. This is a unique all-terrain vehicle with unique characteristics that are a vivid indicator of the superior level of engineering and technological design thinking in Turkey, as well as Ukraine. Therefore, there are many areas where we can complement each other and jointly develop products.

If we consider this product in particular, Ukrainian partners are ready to locate production in Turkey, both for meeting the needs of the Turkish market and for the opportunity of working in third markets taking into account the role and influence of Turkey in the region. Therefore, I am very glad that Rushen Bey, who is the representative and distributor of the Ukrainian company, is very active in running the company.

 I am very pleased to be a part of this demonstration today. The only thing that surprised me in the vehicle was the fact that it doesn’t have a steering wheel, which made wonder how to operate it. It turned out that it is very easy to control, and it doesn’t matter if it was a swamp, snow or even water that the vehicle has to go through."

Ukrainian amphibious all-terrain vehicles manufacturer, SHERP, will be producing its vehicles in Turkey.

SHERP organized a demonstration event near Gölbaşı district in Ankara, at which it carried a test drive for the press members near, on February 27.

The CEO of ARGO, the Turkish Partner of SHERP, Mr. Ruşen Akyıl stated the following in an interview with

"We have joined forces with SHERP. This cooperation will start as a distributorship in the first stage. However, we will more to assembly in a very short-time where it be carried out 50% domestically. I believe that the vehicle will be totally manufactured in Turkey by the end of the next year."

Capabilities of the SHERP all-terrain vehicles:

Climbing slopes with an angle of up to 35^°.

Speeds of up to 40 km/h at all types of terrain

Adjustable tire pressure using exhaust gases

Floating on water with the ability to cruise with speeds of up to 6 km/h

Transportation solution with a loading capacity of up to 5000 kg or 2 SHERP pro vehicles

Loading capacity of Up to 3400 kg and the ability to carry up to 22 passengers

Modular with solutions for various needs

Ukraine's Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha: There are many areas where we jointly develop products

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