Ukroboronprom's reaches production milestone with the ZTM-1 30-mm automatic gun

“Precision Mechanics Plant” Scientific-Technical Complex State Enterprise, which is part of Ukroboronprom, produced its thousandth ZTM-1 gun.

Cannon is able to perform single and automatic fire with armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation shells. The cannon can be operated both mechanically or remotely. ZTM-1 is designed for fights against lightly armored targets at distances up to 2000 m, anti-tank guided missile launchers, unarmored vehicles and enemy manpower at distances up to 4000 m, as well as against air targets flying at low altitudes up to 2000 m at subsonic speeds and inclined range of up to 2500 m. The cannon is able to fire up to 330 rounds per minute with an initial projectile velocity of 960 m/s.

ZTM-1 is installed on various models of Ukrainian light armored vehicles, for example, as part of the combat module “Parus” at BTR-4E. The cannon is also in operational service with a number of foreign armies.

“Precision Mechanics Plant” Scientific-Technical Complex State Enterprise was founded in 1996 as a specialized enterprise for the development and production of artillery and small arms. The plant began producing of 30-mm ZTM-1 and ZTM-2 automatic guns in the early 2000s.

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